Nadira is featured in the Evening Standard!

Nadira - The science star who wants to champion change for women
Nadira A

Nadira, 19, will follow her dreams of working in the Stem industry after gaining a place at the University of York.

While at school she was deputy head girl and a mentor to younger students as part of the sixth-form leadership programme. Going to university will help Nadira achieve her goal of being a woman in Stem (science, technology, engineering and maths).

She said: “It is already difficult for women in the Stem industry, but I can give myself a better chance with a degree. The university will prepare me for the working world, provide knowledge that will excite me and help me further my dream of becoming a computer scientist. It will encourage me to be more independent, to work on long-term projects I am passionate about.”

The school said Nadira’s journey had not been easy. She sought help for mental health issues and made positive progress. She said: “I am passionate about supporting others and have volunteered in my local community and spoken on a panel about the issues faced by youth struggling with mental health. I believe that we can support others by championing change.”

Nadira will benefit from a bursary from the Spencer Steadman Trust, for students studying degrees at Russell Group universities, plus work experience and mentoring opportunities.

Evening Standard 17/8/23